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The American Medical Community Foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization that was founded in December 2004 for the purpose of restoring and rejuvenating the Mon Valley Community, building the morale of the youth in these communities, and raising money to assist the less fortunate of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The American Medical Community Foundation, Inc. has recruited youth from the city of Monessen, Pennsylvania, and from surrounding communities for gardening activities.  The gardening activities take place on a vacant plot of ground in the city of Monessen, Pennsylvania which has been nicknamed the Giant Pumpkin Patch.  The youth are taught how to properly prepare the soil, plant various seeds, care for the plants as they grow, harvest the plants, and prepare them for sale at local farmers’ markets and flea markets.

The vacant lot acquired for the gardening activity stood empty for years in a disadvantaged area of the city of Monessen.  It was an eye-sore and a haven for rodents.  The lot is now a thriving garden that beautifies a depressed area of the community.  As the Corporation has grown, we have also acquired another vacant property and have begun to combat community deterioration on a larger scale. This area has now become a place of recreation, where members of the community can safely take a stroll through the property, take their dogs for a walk, and have picnics with their families.

The gardening activities, fund-raising activities, and charitable activities provide the youth in our community with a positive alternative to idleness, and help them in developing positive characteristics, including a good work ethic, pride in a job well done, and the satisfaction of being able to help the poor and underprivileged with the fruits of their labor. In addition, the work that is being done with the children and teenagers has created jobs for many adults in the area. The American Medical Community Foundation hires people to assist with painting, construction, and yard work; therefore, helping the economic situation of our surrounding communities.

The American Medical Community Foundation, Inc. also raises money through donations from local department stores, grocery stores, and other businesses throughout the Pittsburgh area, as well as, by hosting numerous events throughout the year.

Two of the largest events, which are hosted by the American Medical Community Foundation, are the Harvest Festival and the Light Up Night at the Giant Pumpkin Patch. The complete proceeds from each of these events are donated directly to the Salvation Army in order to assist needy families throughout the Mon Valley Community.

These events have become a huge attraction for people from all over. Grade schools bring their students to tour the Giant Pumpkin Patch, and participate in the face painting, music, games, and entertainment provided at each event. The Mon Valley Health Center’s Family Center brings families to these events so that children and their parents can spend some time together in a wholesome and healthy atmosphere that promotes environmental and community awareness and giving.

The Foundation, as it is frequently called, also raises funds for the Monessen Food Bank. We assist the elderly throughout our community by performing yard work – i.e. cutting grass, trimming hedges, etc, free of charge.

The American Medical Community Foundation has used the money it has raised to help families who have lost their homes to fire. The Foundation has paid for these individuals to stay in hotels until new homes can be found for them. We have also helped these individuals get food, furniture, and clothing.

Every year, the American Medical Community Foundation, Inc. donates hundreds of dollars worth of toys to the Salvation Army, in order to make Christmas a special time for families in the area that are unable to make it on their own.

The American Medical Community Foundation, Inc. has plans to further expand its presence in the Mon Valley Community by increasing the number of events hosted each year and branching out into other areas. Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for as many families as we possibly can.





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