Harvest Festival at the Giant Pumpkin Patch


The Harvest Festival at the Giant Pumpkin Patch is an event that is hosted by the American Medical Community Foundation for the purpose of raising funds for local charities to be used to assist needy families throughout the area and to provide a fun- filled, family-oriented celebration for the entire Mon Valley Community. 100% of all funds collected from this event are donated to local charities.


Information about the event

2010 Harvest Festival

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 On October 2nd and 3rd, the American Medical Community Foundation hosted the fifth annual Harvest Festival at the Giant Pumpkin Patch in Monessen.  We would first like to thank all of the members of our community that attended our event and gave their support. This year’s Harvest Festival was our best fall fundraiser to date. It was a terrific effort to help local charities in the Mon Valley.

 The Giant Pumpkin Patch took to the skies for a space adventure that Monessen had never seen before. The Star Wars theme was a huge success. The reaction of the festival goers was tremendous as they walked through the Giant Pumpkin Patch and saw the larger than life laser shooting Death Star. Volunteer members of the Star Wars 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion donned their uniforms and attend the event as characters from the Star Wars films. In attendance was Darth Vader, A Master Jedi, Darth Maul, Storm Troopers and more.  The Star Wars cantina served up some delicious food such as crazy cantina chili, tauntaun legs, and Yoda soda. Everyone loved our “soon to be world famous galactic fries”. Outside of the cantina, festival goers were able to see Jabba the Hutt come to life and were able to play some of the galaxies best games.

 It was fun on the high seas as Captain Jack Sparrow sailed his ship and battled rival pirates. The Captain was able to set sail just before the volcano of the Caribbean erupted. Kids young and old were able to ride upon the pirate ship as it traveled around the Giant Pumpkin Patch neighborhood.  Many festival goers dug for buried treasure and enjoyed many other games to win wonderful prizes for the Pirate’s prize center.

Another one of our main attractions was the Polynesian show preformed by Tuika’s Polynesian Island Magic. The show lasted two hours and was more than entertaining to those who attended. The show consisted of a live band and six dancers. Tuika’s Polynesian act had numerous dance and musical numbers as well as a fire dancer, all of which were extremely enjoyable. There was even a portion of the show where kids and adults were brought on stage to learn how to hula.

 Again this year we featured the Barn Yard petting zoo and pony rides,  and many crafts for kids. One of the favorite attractions is the wonderful food and refreshments provided by Gyro George and Staff. We also had a shuttle server available that was provided by the Orchard Christian Fellowship. 100% all of funds collected were donated to local charities to benefit needy families in the Mon Valley.

A special thank you to Chef George & Staff, Nino and the cantina crew, Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church, The Salvation Army, Our Lady of the Valley, Falcons Elite group, The Orchard Christian Fellowship, Monessen Hilltop Fire Department, Monessen K9 Corp., American Medical Programs, The Monessen Chamber of Commence, Luti Advertising Company, Lamica Davenport, Caitlin Frost, all of our volunteers, and everyone else that made our event possible.

2009 Harvest Festival

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  On October 3 and 4, 2009, the American Medical Community Foundation held its annual Harvest Festival at the Giant Pumpkin Patch in Monessen. This year the event was a huge success. This was our best fall fundraiser to date. The new attractions really caught everyone attention.

 The crowd favorite was the live-action Pirate show on the real-life Pirate Ship. The crowds cheered as the cannons on the Black Pearl shot confetti into the air and as Captain Jack and Popeye defeated Davy Jones and his evil sea friend.

 Another success was the carnival style games, where children and adults alike won tickets and cashed them in for amazing prizes. As always Chef Gyro George and staff delivered outstanding food and refreshments.

A special thanks to our sponsors and those who made the Harvest Festival possible: The Salvation Army and their volunteers, Orchard Christian Center, Greater Works of Monessen volunteers, Chef Gyro George and staff, The Monessen Hilltop Fire Department, The Monessen Chamber of Commerce, Luti Advertising Company, Union Prescription Center, The Barn Yard Petting Zoo & Pony Rides, Fun Makers, Inc, and everyone else that made our event possible.

And out biggest thanks goes to the people that support our event by attending the Harvest Festival. Our events are for you and your families. We thank you for showing up and supporting us and the community.

Thank you again for your support,
 American Medical Community Foundation, Inc.

2008 Harvest Festival

2008's Harvest Festival wase held on Saturday, September 27. Travel back to the "Old West" with this year's Cowboy & Indians theme. We invited everyone to come dressed as a cowboy or Indian and to stop by and visit Fort Apache and the Indian village.

The Pittsburgh American Indian Center was one of our main guests. We enjoyed Indian tribal dances, music, rope tricks and learn how to make authentic Indian arrows & toys.

More fun and activities for the whole family included: Taking a tour of the famous Giant Pumpkin Patch. See the largest pumpkins in the Mon Valley. Visit the Corn Maze and the Secret Garden. Go on a covered wagon ride through the Giant Pumpkin Patch neighborhood. Also train rides will be available for the kids. An old-fashioned hoe-down with square dancing and country line dancing. Visit The Barn Yard Petting Zoo and Pony Ride to see all your favorite farm animals. Paint your own gourd or pumpkin for a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Spiderman will be swinging by the Giant Pumpkin Patch for a line dance or two. Pumpkins and hand-made crafts will be for sale.

The food and refreshments included: hamburgers, hot dog, wing dings, baked goods, drinks, homemade fries and more. Special Guests - Chef George and Staff.


2007 Harvest Festival

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2007's Harvest Festival was held on Saturday, September 29. It was a huge success. There were over 3000 people who attended the festival.

The theme for the Harvest Festival was “Pirates Take Over The Giant Pumpkin Patch” as guests were encouraged to dress in their best pirate costumes.

Spiderman swung into action for a visit, while Dora the Explorer spent her time meeting all the children as they walked through the giant pumpkin patch. There was also a visit by the folks at the Belle Vernon McDonalds’ who brought Grimace out to take pictures and hand out paper crowns and free French fry coupons to the kids.

The Harvest Festival also featured some awesome entertainment. There was a concert by the Pittsburgh Gospel Lights Gospel Choir, The Wild World of Animals Show from Eight-Four, PA, and also The Traveling Barn Yard Petting Zoo and Pony Rides.

This was the third annual Harvest Festival at the Giant Pumpkin Patch for the American Medical Community Foundation. This year’s festival not only provided a great time for our local families, but more importantly it also raised over $3,000.00 which was donated to the Salvation Army to help the less fortunate in the Mon Valley.





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